Wednesday, September 17, 2008

News of sorts

I was in Barnes & Nobles today and discovered, as I suspected, that different editions of this book have different films listed. I happened to notice this because the version I glanced at in the store had several movies from 2007 while mine stops with The Aviator and Million Dollar Baby (why for both choices?). I have seen all of the movie differences I noticed at the end; it isn't a big deal (why Atonement which kind of sucked after the first 30-45 minutes?).

Does anyone that happens upon this blog know where I can find a list of the movies added and removed for each edition? It appears that the editor just takes out an old movie and replaces it with some recent big name movie (Atonement? Really?). I'd like to add in the movies from different editions some time in the future.

Unfortunately, all editions have both Moulin Rouge! and Fahrenheit 9/11. I guess I can't use that as an excuse to skip them.


Anonymous said...


if you have the most recent version (the one with atonement) then i Hve a list of all the movies that have been added and removed in the previous editions

keep blogging!

Dave said...

Thanks, anonymous!